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25 All Time Inescapable Accessories For Girls Above 18

26. A Mini Manicure Kit

Soft and clean hands are the dream of all girls.

No need to invest in spas and saloons when you can get the easy manicure at your home. This mini manicure kit is travel-friendly and will not occupy much space in your bag.

Even while traveling if the skin beside your thumb peels of and you can’t resist it immediately take out the nail clipper and cut it away.

It comes with ten pieces of high-quality stainless steel manicure and beauty tools are included: Two nail clippers: increased cutting force and special polishing technology to assure clean and easy nail trimming. There are a large one and a smaller one for different nail sizes.

One toenail clipper: specially designed for trimming hard toenails. One cuticle trimmer: ideal blade structure and angle for effectively trimming cuticles. Perfect for exfoliation treatment around fingernails.

One tweezer for removing unwanted hair. One pair of beauty scissors for eyebrow trimming. One nail file. One single-edged double-sided push stick. One V-shaped push stick. One ear pick. All those 10 tools are gathered in a delicate leather case.

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