4 Points You Need To Know About Acute Pharyngitis

  1. What Is Acute Pharyngitis?

acute pharyngitis is an inflammation problem in the pharynx and irritating to the area. when acute pharyngitis occurs in people, the disease rapidly grows first and the growing bacteria disappear in a short time. at the same time, the tonsils are also damaged with pharyngitis and cause pain when swallowed. if this disease affects tonsil, it can lead to inflammation and swelling of your tonsils.

  1. Acute Pharyngitis’s Symptoms

acute pharyngitis is a pharyngeal inflammation that occurs on the posterior wall of the nose and mouth cavity. common signs of acute pharyngitis include:

  • difficulty in swallowing, feeling of scratching during swallowing
  • hoarseness
  • coughing, frequent sneezing
  • headache
  • nasal discharge
  • body aches
  • flicker, high fever

acute pharyngitis occurs suddenly and can lead to more severe symptoms than chronic pharyngitis.

  1. Acute Pharyngitis Treatment

if the reason for the occurrence of acute pharyngitis is caused by bacteria people are treated first with pharyngitis treatment antibiotic drugs. however, when you are trying to heal the acute pharyngitis, the over use of antibiotics should be avoided. for this reason, taking a medication with a doctor will be healthier. overdose antibiotics cause the disappearance of useful bacteria in the intestines. during the treatment process, people should stay away from smoking. especially for people with pharyngitis, smoking areas are very disadvantageous for passive smokers. this must be avoided both from smoking and being in these areas. afterwards, warm herbal teas can be drunk and warm water should be drunk in this process. at the same time, throat can be gargled with salt water.

  1. The Cases That You Have To Avoid If You Have Pharyngitis

  • cigarette
  • air condition and heater
  • too hot or too cold food-drink
  • acidic food-drink
  • loud noise talking

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