Is Acute Pharyngitis A Serious Illness?

The pharynx means throat. Pharyngitis also means throat inflammation. In fact, there is a part of the throat, one behind the nasal cavity and the part that lies just behind the mouth cavity (oropharynx). Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the part of the throat seen when we open our mouth.

Acute pharyngitis is a type of pharyngitis that starts suddenly and makes the patient very uncomfortable. Chronic pharyngitis is a type of pharyngitis that has been ongoing for a long time and the symptoms are not severe.

Acute pharyngitis, known as inflammation of the throat mucosa, is a disease that can be seen in infants, children or adults, in all age groups. Acute pharyngitis symptoms are nasal discharge, fever, throat redness, having difficulty in swallowing, burning sensation in the throat, pain and itching, coughing and nausea, vomiting, fatigue and tiredness, hoarseness, anorexia, intumescence of adenoids.

Acute pharyngitis treatment

Antibiotic medications are required for bacterial causes of acute pharyngitis. However, if too many antibiotics are used when trying to treat acute pharyngitis, there is a risk that the beneficial bacteria in the intestines will also be destroyed and then digestive disorders can begin. During acute pharyngitis treatment, do not smoke, stay away from the smoking area, consume liquid foods and gargle with salt water.

Strongly coughing young man suffered from asthma

If acute pharyngitis is not treated, it causes an infection in the trachea and in the vocal folds. The infection can also progress to the lower respiratory tract and into the bronchus. Acute pharyngitis causes deep neck infections after bacterial pharyngitis and red skin. It can also lead to fever and kidney diseases caused by rheumatism.

  • – To increase body immunity, try to get sufficient amount of vitamin C by eating healthy, rich vegetables and fruit.
  • – Avoid extreme cold and hot drinks.

And consult your doctor immediately…

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