How is Acute Pharyngitis Treated?

Acute pharyngitis is an inflammatory problem that occurs in the pharynx part of the body. When acute pharyngitis starts in the pharynx of a person, the disease’s symptoms rapidly grows. During this phase, the tonsils are also damaged with pharyngitis and this situation causes pain during swallowing. After the disease affects tonsillitis, it can lead to inflammation and swelling of the tonsils.

Acute pharyngitis, known as inflammation of the throat mucosa, is a disease that can be seen in infants, children or adults. So, the diasease is common for all ages.

Acute Pharyngitis Symptoms

The most common acute pharayngitis symptoms can be listed as follow:

• The sense of buring in the throat

• Pain and itching

• Coughing

• Vomiting

• Listlessness

• Aphonia

• Nasal flow

• Difficulty in swallowing

• Loss of appetite

• Swelling of lymph glands

Acute Pharyngitis Treatment

The acute pharyngitis can be caused by bacteria or viruses. If the disease is caused by bacteria, the treatment is generally conducted by using antibiotic drugs. However, the use of wrong antibiotics can strengthen the bacteria, and overuse of antibiotics cause beneficial bacteria in the intestines to disappear. So, taking a medication with doctor advise is highly recommended.

Regardless the disease is caused by bacteria or viruses, people must stay away from smoking during the treatment process, Particularly, smoking environments with passive smoking status are very disadvantageous for people with pharyngitis, because the particles within the cigarette smoke increases the symptoms of the diasease and lengthen the treatent period. Methods to keep the throat humid and warm can fasten the recovery time. So, drinking warm herbal teas and warm water is highly recommended. At the same time, throat can be gargled with salt water or with a medicative spray the doctor advised. Generally, the recovery from the diasease takes 7 days with proper care.

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