Acute Pharyngitis and Treatment Process

Especially winter months people always struggle with pharyngitis. If your have ache on your throat maybe you also struggle with it. Therefore we are going to give information about pharyngitis to you. Pharyngitis definition is shortly have a dryness on your throat and also have maturation in your pharynx. Pharyngitis has two variation and these are acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis. In this article we will focus on the acute pharyngitis.

What is The Acute Pharyngitis?

Acute pharyngitis is a problem in your throat, your throat is suppurated and a lot of bacterias show up but after all bacterias are gone but this means exactly you have acute pharyngitis.

What is The Signs of Acute Pharyngitis?

Burning sensation in throat

-Ache and itching

-Feeling dryness in throat

-Cough and after that nausea and vomiting



-Nasal flow

-Redness in throat

-Difficulty about swallowing


-Swelling of adenoids

Treatment of Acute Pharyngitis

First treatment way about pharyngitis is antibiotics and also this way is the best one but also antibiotics have risks when they are used more and patients have acute pharyngitis therefore please talk to your doctor and listen or prefer his advice about pharyngitis medicine. If you are smoker passive smoker you have to be careful because pharyngitis is more harmful if you one of them. Another thing is that there are some pharyngitis home treatment which will help you and these are herbal teas and more water. Usually this illness take 2-6 months but in 1-2 weeks you can feel better after usage of the decongestants and antiseptic medicines or liquid mouthwash because they are helpful to speed up this process also in your home in your resting time you can prefer salty water or mentol gargling to treat and relax yourself.


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