Adenoid Grow And Surgery

The problems experienced due to obstructive sleep apnea in children adenoids, upper airway resistance syndrome, snoring, nasal obstruction and mouth breathing, distraction and accordingly a reduction in the success of the course, restlessness and irritability, night urination, swallowing and speech disorders, a reduction in taste and smell, middle ear, decrease in hearing, abnormal facial and dental development, growth and development retardation, pulmonary hypertension, and not so subtle, otitis media, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, vocal cord inflammation, this leads to various problems such as inflammation of the lungs.


When you have adenoid surgery must be?

Indications to restore the normal functions of the nose and throat, adenoid problems the most accurate indication. At night, sleeping with his mouth open, snoring in children adenoids should come to mind immediately. Chronic adenoid infection, infection focus, which is connected to the adenoids, sinusitis, or otitis media surgery in the presence of as should be taken. Nasal sinusitis in childhood that do not respond to drug treatment should be considered. Sinusitis-related eye complications (eye treatment, cellulitis, abscess) or adenoid should come to mind. Need to be surgically removed may benefit from drug treatment is not visible.

Situations that require surgery:


  • Depending on the size of the adenoids of the upper respiratory tract blockage of

  • A malignant tumor is suspected

  • Adenoid growths of the jaw disrupts the structure

  • Recurrent adenoid infections

  • As the realization of adenoids due to inflammation of Frequent ear infections.

  • Sinusitis which is outside

  • Inflammation of the middle ear which is outside

  • Chronic adenoid infection

  • Halitosis


Adenoid surgery patients, clotting of the blood chute of the property damaged should not be done. In the case of cleft palate, adenoid tissue, normal speech, and since the soft palate is required to close the Strait, adenoid surgery is another condition that should be avoided.



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