Adenoid Surgery in Children

Nasal the nose in the back of the throat at the top of the area. In this region an immune system organ that is present from birth and which was killed germs from outside the adenoids. In middle childhood the microbes have been killed, and is an organ that helps develop the immune system.

Lymph cells have a role in the construction of the adenoids. Is smaller than in the neonatal period. Grows as a result of infections that need to be in 4-5 years. Advanced age shows the trend in downsizing. Adenoids impede respiration through the nose and nasal congestion to be the greatest of leads.


How is the diagnosis of adenoid growth?

Adenoid growth to diagnose, your doctor, primarily ear, nose and throat examination. In some cases, nasal endoscopic examination or X-rays may be requested.

Surgery can be done at any age when it is correctly diagnosed. Today, more children with the next generation of safer medical devices and the risks of modern surgery, the procedure can be performed. Almost all adenoid surgery most frequently performed surgical procedure in the world of childhood. The surgery takes approximately 8-10 minutes being released within a short time of days and pediatric patients. The kids continue to live a normal life the day after surgery. However, due to the risk of infection and negative factors that may occur, from school children to stay at least a week, advises.


How should prepare children psychologically for surgery?

The child will be operated, must be well prepared spiritually for surgery. Otherwise, especially in children, nightmare, urinary incontinence, mental problems such as anxiety it can cause. Today, more patients with their families without crying and being comforted by the meds taken to the operating room without leaving. Also comfortable and in a peaceful manner when you begin anesthesia when the surgery is over, most of the time and wakes up again with their families by them are not to even understand that they are leaving.



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