Aphta In The Throat

Aphta “Candida albicans” fungus is an uncomfortable condition that can occur with the accumulation in the mouth.

Aphta usually causes creamy white lesions on the tongue or inside the cheek. The lesions may be painful and may cause a little bleeding when scratched.


What are the symptoms of aphta in the throat?

Aphta symptoms may not be noticed at first. Depending on the underlying cause, signs and symptoms are sudden and may continue to grow and for a long time. Common symptoms include the following:


  • On the tongue, inside the cheeks, in the upper part of the mouth, tonsils sometimes creamy white lesions on the gums

  • Lesions with a cottage cheese appearance

  • Pain

  • Lesions may bleed slightly when scratched or when played with

  • The formation of cracking and redness at the bottom of the mouth (in particular, associated with the use of a prosthesis)

  • A feeling of cotton in your mouth.

  • Loss of taste

In severe cases, lesions can stretch the stomach through the esophagus. This “is called Candida esophagitis. If she develops aphta this type, difficulty swallowing or constriction of the throat can be experienced.

How to diagnose aphta in the throat?

If serious symptoms if Thrush is advanced into the esophagus creates. Which will help you to get a diagnosis so may perform one or more of the following tests:


  • Throat culture: this procedure is applied to the rear side of the throat on a cotton ball and sterile tissue sample is taken for Culture. Of the varieties of bacteria or fungus which is determined to have caused infection.

  • Endoscopic examination: in the process of Endoscopy, a flexible hose with a lighted camera on the end down the throat and reached, including the esophagus, stomach and upper small intestine are examined.



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