Aphthous in Throat

Small white thrush-shaped wounds are called aphthous. More tongues, lips, cheeks inside and soft palate in the aphthous region of the throat is also found. Aphtosis that occurs in the mouth, mouth, or throat affects the daily life of a person. Severe pain can cause suffering and pains to be felt. Itching and redness are felt in the area that will come out a few days before the start of the aphthous formation. A few days later, the whore turns and turns into a red little pitted scar. It causes the individual to feel severe pain. Especially in the cheek and throat area, the aphrodites that are on the ground can cause difficulties in eating because of the pain.


Aphthousis may have several reasons: excessive stress, consuming acidic foods and drinks, do not do as much as the mouth and teeth clean up, smoking, b12 is lacking in vitamins.


Tooth Paste And Aphthousis

Some active ingredients in the toothpaste used can irritate the cells in the mouth and cause wound formation. It may be related to the immune system. Especially after mouth injury and tooth treatment, aft formation can be triggered.


There are some considerations to be made for the aphthous passage that occurs in the throat. The underlying cause of the formation of the aphthous is determined and the cause is overcome to remove the aphthous problem. Additional vitamin medicines are given to people who are caused by vitamin deficiency. If the food allergy is aphtous, ferdin must stay away from allergens. It must be avoided from acidic, bitter and spicy foods in order to grow even more than it is to have wounds. If there is aphrodisiac problem in the throat and there is difficulty in eating the food, definitely consult a doctor. After the examinations to be performed, the underlying causes and causes of the wounds are identified and treatment should be started as soon as possible.



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