Association With Beads In The Neck Region Of Pharyngitis Disease

The strongest symptoms of pharyngitis occur in humans after exposure to a viral or bacterial infection. Usually this happens in the cold season, when all kinds of colds and flu become epidemic. But pharyngitis, or inflammation of the pharynx, can go much more heavily than usual: if a person develops a purulent pharyngitis, then in the pharynx appear beads in the neck region, and intoxication of the body is able to reach a high level. Purulent pharyngitis is acute and chronic. These forms have different symptoms, factors of development and even treatment.

All purulent processes in the field of ENT organs are potentially dangerous complications in the form of abscesses, phlegmon, pneumonia and even damage to distant organs and systems. Purulent pharyngitis disease is also not a safe disease. In contrast to banal inflammation of the pharynx, in the case of purulent pharyngitis there is an acute lesion of the pharyngeal tissues with the formation of purulent accumulations and beads. Usually the pathology proceeds diffusely, covering the entire throat – its posterior wall, lateral ridges, and also often extending to the tongue and glands. Often the disease is chronic and periodically recurs. More often, the symptoms of purulent pharyngitis occur in weakened people, in persons suffering from chronic pathologies of the oropharynx and nose. In adulthood, purulent pharyngitis is diagnosed in women 2 times less often than in men.

The causes of pharyngitis and beads in the throat in most cases are associated with the development of acute rhinitis or sinusitis: it is from the nose and sinuses that the inflammatory processes easily spread to the pharynx. Initially pathogens may be caused by viruses, but the development of suppurative processes provokes the stratification of bacterial infection as a result of a strong weakening of local immunity.

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