When Your Baby Has Acute Pharyngitis

As the mother and protector of your beloved babies, you can sometimes be worried about your babies when they get sick. When it comes to bacterial pharyngitis, most mothers immediately run to the hospitals when they notice something wrong with their babies. You should keep calm and read this information, which will help you a lot while taking care of your babies.

Realizing The Symptoms And Causes

This disease is triggered by a couple of illnesses such as cold, flu, measles, chickenpox or croup through viral infection. The baby’s throat is infected with bacteria, which is the medical reason of pharyngitis.

Tobacco smoke inhalation, pets, pollens from the plants and dry heat are the other main causes of this illness. Some babies may suffer from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as the initial signs.

Treatment of acute pharyngitis

You should take your baby to the doctor if you notice some sores in the mouth. If the breathing of your child is labored and the baby cannot open its mouth easily and has a loss of appetite, you can resort to a doctor after a while. You should check your baby’s fever periodically and take some notes about its condition to give doctor a credible information about the goings-on of the acute pharyngitis.

Easing The Sore By Your Own Means

Some soothing fluids such as milk, herbal tea or fruit juice can be given to the infants. However, you should stay away from citrus juice as it will make the throat worse. While feeding your baby, you can give it some soft foods to protect the throat. Antibiotics or pain killers must not be used prescribed by the doctor. Washing the baby in mild water can be also relieving and it prevents contamination to the family members.

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