Burning in The Throat

One of the issues people actually see as simple is sickness. Especially the burning in the throat. In fact, sore throat has an important effect on human metabolism. Sore throat disturbances, sometimes caused by a minor discomfort, can sometimes be a sign of major illnesses.


What Are The Causes Of Burns İn The Throat?

There can be many reasons for these symptoms. Some of these reasons are:

Reflux: The most common cause of the burning of the Bosphorus is reflux. The esophagus is called reflux to eat food at the mouth.

Allergies Allergies (especially against airborne particles) cause burns in the chest and throat.

Food Pipeline Infusion (Esophagitis): Food borne inflammation also causes a burning sensation in the throat. The disease also causes discomfort, chest pain and excessive fat burning.


Infection: Respiratory infections caused by bacteria or viruses can cause a throat burning sensation. Upper respiratory tract infections; Nose channels, throats and sinuses. Lower respiratory tract infections target the bronchi, respiratory tract and lungs. Tonsillitis, colds, sinusitis, laryngitis, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia cause irritation in the throat. Other indications; Sore throat, fever, headache and cough.

Eustachium drainage tube: Eustachium duct; Behind the nose, between the throat and middle ear. It is the duty of the middle ear to keep the pressure normal and to throw excess liquid from the ear. When you are caught in a cold, the tracheal canal does not over-lyze, the nose or ears become clogged. You may also feel ear pain, impaired hearing and blockage.


There can be many reasons for the burning of the throat. The important thing is to make an accurate diagnosis and to start appropriate treatment. Therefore, if your throat is long, you should consult your doctor. Treatment after the diagnosis of the doctor is required.



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