Can Children Have Throat Surgery?

Tonsils are a pair of tissues located in the throat of the lymph system that plays a role in the immune system of the body. Particularly, they have the task of recognizing microbes entering the upper respiratory tract and preparing to defend the body.


Tonsils are almost always infected with a droplet infection called microbe, which is spitting personally and infecting them with close contact. In this case, the tonsils are red, sometimes with white spots on them. There are also accompanying symptoms such as fever, swallowing difficulty, and pain when swallowing. There may also be large tonsils that are not signs of infection, but are structurally large. Drinking something cold can cause the disease because of a lack of local resistance when it does not cause any tonsillectomy in a healthy person, or when there is a chronic tonsillectomy problem or when the immune system is weak.


Should Tonsil Be Taken?

Particularly in infancy and childhood, tonsils are important in defending the body, so it is not appropriate to take them outside of compulsory conditions. In recent years, tonsillectomy has not been performed as often as before. If the flesh is too large and the child is breathing, or if it has caused middle ear problems that are not resolved by medication, but there is no tonsillitis in the child, even the tonsils may not be taken and only the nude meat is taken.


How Old Should Tonsil Be Taken?

Tonsillectomy operations are generally not performed under the age of three except in compulsory cases. However, large tonsils that block respiration at an advanced stage can also be taken under the age of three. Generally, tonsillectomy is the most common age between 3 and 10 years old. However, from time to time, surgery may be necessary in the twenties. Tonsillectomy is rarely necessary over the age of 30 years.



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