Care After The Throat Surgery Due To The Inflammation Of The Tonsils

The patients who undergo a surgical procedure for the removal of tonsils are hospitalized the day before. Tonsillectomy is performed under general anesthesia and the operation takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the surgical method. The patients that are hospitalized for tonsillectomy operation are commonly discharged from the hospital the next day.


Aftercare Period

Patients usually have a painful period after tonsillectomy. The healing period can be considered in two consecutive periods. The first period is the period when the pain is excessive and the second period is less painful. Among practical treatments that reduce the pain after the surgery are pouring cold serum texture onto the site of surgery, application of dexamethasone and pain relief injections through the vein and avoiding cauterization. The first painful period ends usually 5-7 days after the surgery in children, whereas 7-10 days after the surgery in patients older than 12 years old. It is time periods until the sun. In this first period, white-gray healing tissues will be formed in areas where the tonsils are present, and painful swelling in the ears can be seen.


Nutrition After the Surgery

Oral feeding is not implemented during the first 4 hours after the surgery, since the surgery is made under general anesthesia. In the first days, nutrition is done via fluids. The feeding returns to normal on the fifth day in children and on the eighth day in adults.


The patient's dehydration after tonsillectomy is the worst scenario for recovery. It increases the patient's pain and the risks of bleeding also leading a delay in healing. For this reason, the key factor in healing is increasing the intake of fluids. Regular ingestion of foods that are soft and warm is the most important factor in terms of recovery. It may be beneficial to use painkillers to ease the ingestion of oral fluids and by ingesting foods such as ice cream, cold pudding and cold yoghurt from time to time.







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