What Causes Acute Pharyngitis?

An inflammatory syndrome of the pharynx and tonsils caused by different groups of microorganisms is called acute pharyngitis. There are a lot of diseases, bacterial and viral agents which cause acute pharyngitis.

Viral Infections

The most common cause of acute pharyngitis are viruses. Some viral infections such as common cold, influenza, chickenpox and whooping cough trigger pharyngitis. When get take antibiotics or a medical treatment, your illness is not terminated fully. Instead the antibiotics and treatments will help relieve the symptoms of pharyngitis.

Bacterial Infections

Although it is not frequent, acute pharyngitis is also caused by a bacterial infection. Strep throat, gonorrhea, chlamydia and Corynebacterium are among the most common infections of this type. The people who are exposed to cold and flu a lot are more likely to be infected. Doctors stress that people working in hospitals should be more careful as there is a high risk for acute pharyngitis. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics in case of this situation.

Related Diseases

People getting bacterial or viral infections develop some diseases. These are; fever, headache, pains on several parts of the body, enlarged tonsils and swollen, tender lymph nodes. Sometimes pharyngitis last more than several weeks. The cause can be some gastric disorders such as acid reflux or postnasal drip. It is necessary take antibiotics at the recommendation of your doctor.

External Factors

Spread of acute pharyngitis is also affected by the regions. If you live in the cities with warm summer and cool winters, then there is a high possibility of viral pharyngitis. Moreover, you should ensure that your house is ventilated enough to prevent spread of the pharyngitis. As in all diseases, personal hygiene is quite important as the viruses can easily reach your hands and finds your throat in a short time.

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