Causes of Chronic Sore Throat

A sore throat, which is one of the most common complaints, can also be caused by itself or with fever, coughing, and swallowing difficulty. The cause of the pain can sometimes be a simple infection or sometimes a serious disease.

Throat Infections with Viruses

Common symptoms of nasal obstruction, sneezing, general weakness, sore throat, dryness in the throat, fever, muscle and joint pain for the upper respiratory tract of viral infections. Colds, flu-like diseases occur with viruses and cause disease outbreaks, especially in the autumn-winter months. Diseases caused by viruses such as measles, chicken pox, and whooping cough can also cause a sore throat and fever.


Throat Infections Caused by Bacteria

There are many types of bacteria that cause the upper respiratory tract infection (streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, and others). If treatment is neglected, it causes severe diseases in the heart, kidneys and articular. The disease occurs with a severe sore throat, fever, weakness, joint pain.

Throat Diseases with Reflux

A sore throat, burning, swallowing difficulty, chronic cough, and stomach fluids are a symptom of reflux disease. It depends on nutrition habits and digestive system diseases.

A sore throat Caused by Allergic and Irritant

People with hay fever (pollinosis) and seasonal allergies may have complaints such as nasal discharge-pruritus-blockage, sneezing, dryness in mouth and throat.

Frequent sinusitis in allergic patients can cause nasal irritation, throat irritation, and sore throat.

People who have mouth breathing may have a sore throat feeling more in the mornings due to nasal obstruction caused by air pollution, smoke, smoking, dry air, irritation from extreme hot or cold air.


A sore throat Caused by Tumors

Throat pain and swelling difficulty are common symptoms of the tumors on the bronchial tube, throat, and tongue. A sore throat is mostly long-lasting. Other important complaints are; voice disorder, swelling in the neck, unexplained weakness, blood in saliva or sputum.



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