Causes Of Chronic Sore Throat

Sore throat can be a symptom of many diseases. Throat pain, which is a long time, is called chronic sore throat. Chronic sore throat can have many causes. One of these is a chronic throat inflammation.


Chronic throat inflammation is a type of inflammation that develops in tissues called tonsils or tonsils on either side of the oral cavity. The discomfort may develop as a bladder or may persist for a long time. In order to talk about chronic throat inflammation, the illness lasts for 3 weeks and needs to be repeated continuously. The enlarged tonsils caused by inflammation lead to chronic sore throat, mouth odor and growth in the lymph glands. It's a very uncomfortable disease. Chronic throat inflammation is more common in people exposed to radiation. If treatment for chronic throat inflammation is neglected, the duration of the disease can be extended and lead to more serious problems.


What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Throat İnflammation?

Chronic throat inflammation can be seen in lymph node enlargement. This growth is especially high in children. Growth developing in the lymph is caused by blockage in the developing space. Clogging increases the risk of catching infections that will cause diseases such as influenza and flu. The ground is prepared for the multiplication of microbes in the region. Chronic throat inflammation can lead to blockage of the upper respiratory tract. Nasal obstruction starts and the patient can not breathe through the nose. Because the nose is obstructed, the mouth of the patient breathing continuously through the mouth remains open all the time.


This problem makes the nights more uncomfortable. Chronic throat inflammation clogging the forehead, especially in children, middle ear inflammation increases the risk of developing. As the air is not filtered by the nose, sore throat and bronchitis may develop. Due to nasal obstruction in the patient, vibration in the pharyngeal is not sufficient and symptoms such as voice phobia, voice change and nasal speech become apparent.



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