Causes Of Difficulty Swallowing In Children

Difficulty in swallowing food or beverages is that it requires more effort and time to go from your mouth to your stomach. It might hurt you too difficulty swallowing. In some cases the person never swallow.

What are the causes of diffulty swallowing?

The common causes of diffulty swallowing difficulties in infants and children are as follows:

  • Premature birth or birth defects in low calorie

  • Birth defects in the nervous system such as meningitis or cerebral palsy

  • Cleft lip or cleft palate Unexplained swallowing difficulty


Some people may experience swallowing difficulty without any anatomical causes. The reason for the unexplained diffuculty swallowing may be:

Diffuculty swallow the drug. Some people have no swallowing difficulties, despite the lack of medication or they can't swallow tablets.

· The mass of the throat. Some people anything, despite the absence of a foreign substance or mass in the throat may feel like it has. Stress or excitement can aggravate the condition. This discomfort usually it will heal in time.

What are the risk factors?

Diffulty swallowing in terms of the following risk factors:

  • · Aging: Esophagus the usual wear and tear due to ageing, older people are more at risk.

  • · Premature birth: These preterm children are more susceptible to developmental disorders and gastrointestinal disorders are also included, these may cause difficulty in swallowing.

  • · Some health disorders: Or people who have neurological disorders are more prone to damage to the nervous system difficulty in swallowing.

What are the complications?

Diffulty swallowing can be caused by:

  • · Malnutrition and dehydration.Because of difficulty in swallowing food or liquid, you may not get enough to feed you. People who have difficulty swallowing are at risk of malnutrition and dehydration.

  • · Respiratory problems. If he runs your windpipe while you try to swallow food or liquid, respiratory problems, or infection may occur; often pneumonia or upper respiratory tract infections such as.



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