Causes Of Epiglottitis In Children

Epiglottit, located in the region of the larynx, epiglottis or “epiglottis” along with the swelling of cartilaginous structure called the inlet air to the lungs is blocked, is one of the situations of life that carries the danger.


Epiglottit hot drinks consumption can cause injuries and infections in the throat directly. In the past the most common cause in children pneumonia (pneumonia, meningitis and blood infections, which leads to “Haemophilus influenza type B ( Hib) bacteria. Epiglottit can occur at any age.


What are the causes?

Epiglottit, as a result of an infection or injury occurs.


A common cause of swelling and inflammation of the surrounding tissues epiglotti of you, “Haemophilus influenza type B ( Hib )” bacterial infection. Hib bacteria is responsible for a number of serious conditions. These meningitis.

Hib is spread through infected particles in the air during coughing or sneezing. Hib bacteria in your nose and throat even though you're not sick, it is possible to host. This enhances the potential for bacteria to spread. Other bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation of the epiglottis can include:


• Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus ): Meningitis, pneumonia, ear infections and blood infections (septicemia)

Why did that other is a type of bacteria.

• Streptococcus A, B and C: These are a group of bacteria that can cause various diseases from blood infections and sore throat.


The arrival of physical injuries such as a direct blow to the throat, and the epiglottis may be caused by the hot beverage to be consumed. Also;

• Grabs him by the throat, a swallowing of the chemical contents

• Swallowed a foreign object

• The smoke of other factors such as drugs such as cocaine, can lead to symptoms of epiglottitis.

Also Epiglottit is a medical emergency. Therefore, if you experience the symptoms mentioned above for yourself or someone close to you, immediately contact the emergency room. Provide medical assistance to the patient in an upright position and remain silent until you receive. This will breathe better. Attempt to examine yourself in the throat of the patient. You can make the situation worse.



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