Causes Of Nodules in Chordae Vocalis

The most acute symptom of a voice coiled nodule is the decrease in overall sound quality. The person can not make high-pitched sounds. Sound annoyance or hoarseness may also occur, as well as chatter and tremor. It may take some time between the beginning of the talk and the beginning of the voice.


What İs A Chordae Vocalis Nodule İndication?

Sound and body fatigue, throbbing pain in the ears, feeling lumpy in the throa, neck pain.


Why Does Chordae Vocalis Nodule Occur?

Use the Voice Badly: Almost all of the vocal tract nodule cases are caused by bad voice. This causes soft and small dots on the audio strands. Over time, these dots become hardened and turn into callus-like textures called vocal cord nodules. If the voice continues to be misused, the voice coiled nodule may become larger and solid. The following voices may cause the voice coiled nodule to be yelled: screaming, long time singing (for those who are not accustomed to vocal chords, a voice coiled nodule may occur in a short time) too long to speak.


Allergies: Spring allergies or allergies that can lead to inflammation in the throat and sound palsy such as food allergies can cause the vocal fold nodule.

Is The Nodule Cancer Of The Chordae Vocalis?

Voice annoyance may be a sign of laryngeal cancer. For this reason, if there is an excess of voice annoyance over the 15 days, an earlo nose throat specialist should be consulted. Scientific studies have recently shown that larynx cancer has increased about 7 times in females compared to males due to the increasing use of cigarettes in females. Due to the cause and condition of the voice morbidity, treatment should be started as early as possible. In the treatment of early stage laryngeal carcinoma, tracheotomy can be performed in the throat without requiring a permanent hole. In the later stages, tracheotomy may be necessary along with tracheotomy, and sometimes the chances of operation are completely lost. Depending on the condition of the patient, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are among the treatment options. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are very important. Complaints should be referred to the doctor immediately.



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