Causes of Throat Pain in Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a very sensitive period. Frequent checks are needed for the health of the mother and the health of the baby. Even a small symptom should be diagnosed by specialist doctors. One of these symptoms is sore throat. Are you curious about the reasons for sore throat in pregnancy? Then keep reading.

Nasal Obstruction and Genitour Flow :

Increased estrogen hormone in pregnancy leads to swelling in the mucous membrane of the nose. Along with swelling, mucus secretion may also increase. In addition, the total blood volume increases with pregnancy. This causes bloating in the nasal membranes. With all these factors coming together, nasal obstruction and nasal discharge begin. As a result, snoring, increased frequency of swallowing, coughing and irritation can cause sore throat and pregnancy.


Viruses and Bacteria:

Throat infections, which are caused by viruses and bacteria, are sometimes inevitable, although they are more concerned about the health of the pregnant person.

Acid Reflux

Another cause of throat burn in pregnancy is acidic reflux. Upstroke of stomach juice causes a reflux. If the reflux is exacerbated, it may cause irritation by rising to the throat. Increased intraabdominal pressure with pregnancy can cause exacerbation of reflux symptoms and sore throat in pregnancy.


Asthma And Allergies :

There is no effect of your pregnancy, such as causing asthma in a woman who has not previously had asthma. However, in one third of women who have had asthma, symptoms during pregnancy are aggravating. The pain in the walls of the respiratory tract together with asthma can be exacerbated. People who have some food allergies (such as perfume) that enter the body by any food or respiratory route should act more carefully. Otherwise, you may experience sore throat or more severe problems during pregnancy


Sore throat in pregnancy harms baby?

These symptoms should not be neglected as pregnancy is a sensitive period. In the long run, all treatment methods for the health of the baby should be examined.



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