Causes Of Throat Surgery In Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis develops as a result of infected tonsillitis by microbes and swelling of the tonsils. If your child has frequent recurrent tonsillitis, your doctor may recommend removing the tonsils. Six or more times a year, doctor diagnosed tonsillitis may be the reason for surgery. The removals of the tonsils, which have become unable to defend themselves because of frequent inflammations and have begun to damage the health of your child, are less risky than the chronic tonsillitis. Children do not get sick more often after their tonsils are taken; because other tissues that function like tonsils in the body can produce enough to fight against microbes.                                               


Treatment of chronic inflammation: When is surgery necessary?

Thanks to antibiotics, the standard of care for any tonsil inflammation is no longer the same as it used to be. However, in the case of frequent recurrent sore throat and tonsillitis, a doctor should evaluate it. Your doctor may want to perform a throat culture to check for streptococcal infection. Streptococci are bacterial microorganisms that cause inflammation. Antibiotic treatment is good when the bacteria cause inflammation.


Your doctor may recommend Tonsillectomy in the presence of one or more of the following conditions:


  • At the top of the relative criteria are frequent recurrent tonsil infections. 40% of tonsillectomy operations are done for this reason.

  • Inflammation of the tonsils more frequently in the last year, 7 times per year or 5 times per year in the last two years or 3 times per year in the last three years

  • Diphtheria (Croup) microbial carriers

  • People with heart valve malfunction.

  • Frequent otitis due to tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation.

In such cases, it is called chronic tonsil inflammation. Surgical treatment is recommended and planned.



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