Chemotherapy Treatment In Throat Cancer

There is a treatment option for patients with head and neck cancers. The choice of treatment is where you are also the type of ear cancer, the stage, and depends on the person's age and overall health. Is applied to three types of treatment for cancer of the larynx:


Surgery (surgical removal of the tumor)

  • Radiation therapy (the use of radiation to kill cancer cells.

  • Chemotherapy (treatment with drugs to kill cancer cells)

Surgery, and commonly used in the treatment of head and neck cancers, laryngeal cancer is the most effective treatment for many. Your ear following surgery for the removal of cancer and the parts can be used you're:

  • Kordektomi

  • Partial laryngectomy

  • Total laryngectomy


Chemotherapy in head and neck cancer through a vein in the arm for difficult to treat tumors in experienced centers can be applied directly to the tumor by way of arteries in the groin can be applied. Intraarterial chemotherapy chemotherapy which is also known as this method of application, on-stage disease and advanced stage is not preferred. Chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy alone and concurrent with radiotherapy in tumors is not possible will not be enough to be applied.


This method is called in an operation that is performed, the patient loses the ability to speak. After the surgery, with the likelihood of renewal we cannot see with the naked eye tumors with radiotherapy alone or in combination with the aim to destroy the remnants of tumors that can be applied. Chemotherapy in patients with advanced-stage breast cancer, with the goal of disease reversal and life prolonging is preferred. In patients with metastatic or recurrent and have previously received treatment such as this clever molecule in combination with chemotherapy (setuksimab) can be used.

Often preferable to chemotherapy drugs; Cisplatin, Carboplatin, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), capecitabine, doxorubicin, Paclitaxel, methotrexate consists of. Chemotherapy is often given in a period of a few weeks. The next setup prior to Dec given to the body itself are expected to recover.



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