Is Chronic Pharyngitis Contagious?

Chronic Pharyngitis Contagious

Pharyngitis is the maturation seen in the tonsil, epiglottis and back of the nasal passage. Pharyngitis is a disease which can be seen in every group of age. This disease can be caused of several factors. People who may suffer from upper respiratory problems, who stay in dry and dusty places, who take insufficient vitamins, people who use tobacco product and alcohol, if you have any problem in your respiration and you breathe in through your mouth and lastly your lifestyle can also effect and trigger pharyngitis. Acute and chronic pharyngitis are both viral disease and because of this they are contagious. The disease can spread to you if you mingle with the patient belongings, the patient itself and if you communicate too closely to the ill. Acute pharyngitis may be seen in different periods of the year and shows ordinary symptoms. While you can easily come over acute pharyngitis with a treatment chronic pharyngitis is a lifelong disease which cannot be cured as easily as acute pharyngitis.

Before starting to the treatment, your doctor should diagnose about your disease according to the symptoms that you have showed. For the diagnose probably you will need a detail ear, nose and throat examination, endoscopic and roentgen studies and of course some laboratory studies to be more specific in finding the cause or causes of your disease. Usually the treatment of chronic pharyngitis starts with the use of antibiotics. Is it enough? Of course it’s not. After this cure if all is not well they continue to find other ways to come over it. If you have any kind of allergies or chronical disease they also start to examine them and find whether they affect your pharyngitis if so they start to cure it as well.

Pharyngitis Treatment

As it was said before there are mainly 2 types of pharyngitis and both have different treatment but we can say that in both the first treatment which comes to mind is the use of antibiotics.


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