Chronic Pharyngitis Herbal Treatment

If you believe chronic pharyngitis home treatment and you believe in the existence of alternative medicine, you will be amazed how many ways it is. Antibiotic treatment should be applied to destroy the bacteria. Painkillers, cough medicine are used as supplements. Since disease occurs due to virus with 95% probability, antibiotics are insufficient. In addition to medical treatment, natural and medicinal herbs help patients to better fight disease.

What Is The Chronic Pharyngitis Natural Treatment?

  • It is relieving that the throat is wiped off with a cotton swab that is with iodine.
  • In a glass of boiling water, put a sweet spoon sage and brew. This should be done with a throat gargle. You should also prepare the sage tea so you should drink 3-4 cups a day. Since the sage tea is a plant with antiseptic properties, it accelerates the process of healing the disease.
  • Garlic and Echinacea should be used to prevent infections.
  • Gargle with lemon and pineapple juice makes a relaxing effect.
  • Liquidize the onion and do this 4-5 times a day for a coffee spoon.
  • Using any of the eastern hollyhock flowers, roots and leaves, you will prepare a mixture of throat gargle with your mixture, which will make your throat pain relieved.

  • Crush the cypress and peony flowers and mix with honey. The mixture must be like pasty. You should eat a table spoon of it, before and after the meal.
  • Crush the dried fimbria of the centranthus. Boil it in water for ten minutes. Filter the mixture and add honey into it. You can drink three glasses of the mixture that you prepared in the syrup consistency.
  • In boiling hot water, add lotus and wait for twenty minutes. Sweeten it with honey. You can drink a cup of it before meal. It is a therapeutical mixture for infection in your throat.

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