Is Chronic Pharyngitis A Serious Disease?

According to scientific research, more than 600 million people throughout the world suffer from one or more symptoms of pharyngitis in a year. As being such a common disease, chronic pharyngitis has a short meaning, simple diagnosis and treatment, yet it may be the cause of some more serious diseases as well.


Acute pharyngitis, which is mainly caused by bacteria, usually lasts from one week to a month until all symptoms are treated. On the other hand, it is noteworthy how long chronic pharyngitis lasts (for instance, it can be rather a long-term disease provided it is caused by smoking), and that it is harder to treat thoroughly.

Is chronic pharyngitis dangerous?

As in all diseases, the viruses or bacteria causing the infection may always have the chance to infect another part of the body and result in some serious illnesses. In this manner, scientists have also found a correlation between pharyngitis and cancer. Unfortunately, the source of a long lasting sore throat is not always chronic pharyngitis. Sometimes the reason a person has a sore throat or lingering difficulty in swallowing and talking might be because of throat cancer.

Possible symptoms of throat cancer

  • Sore throat
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Pain in the ears
  • Pain and difficulty in swallowing
  • Changes in your voice (rough or harsh voice)
  • Continuous cough
  • Breathing audibly
  • Blood in saliva (rare)

The symptoms listed above do not necessarily indicate a serious and dangerous illness such as throat cancer. You may be simply suffering from pharyngitis. However, if you experience any of these, especially for more than two weeks, it is wiser not to wait any longer and go to a health institution for examination. Finally, cancer, like all diseases, presents the most substantial possibility for a cure when diagnosed early.



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