Chronic Tonsillitis In Adults

In children, tonsils (and adenids) are removed to cause breathing difficulties and lead to local inflammation. In adults, surgical intervention comes into play when the inflammation of the tonsils creates an infection center for distant organs such as the kidneys and heart. Tonsils are the only lymphocyte-carrying constructs that carry defensive function. However, they cannot easily accomplish their tasks and can be filled with microbes.


Microbes such as streptococcus, which are housed in the tonsils, usually have enough reproductive chance when the body is weakened; they pass through blood circulation and reach sensitive organs leading to general diseases. These include glomerulonephritis acute febrile rheumatism and heart (endocarditis, myocarditis), articular, central nervous system (blindness), and eye (iris inflammation) complications.


In these cases, the tonsils have become a source of infection leading to diseases in distant organs. The most important problem in chronic tonsillitis in adults is to determine whether there is a focused infection or not. Determination of this issue is of great importance in terms of surgical intervention. Removing both tonsils in cases of focused infection will completely cancel out the infection.


First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the past of the disease. The frequent occurrence of acute tonsillitis, the formation of apse around the tonsils and tonsils, the long- drawn out fever, rapid fatigue and persistent sensation of fatigue or the symptoms of rheumatism and renal inflammation support the suspicion of infection in the tonsils.


The appearance of the tonsils on the oral pharyngeal examination, it does not matter so much. Color of tonsils is only important in terms of appearance on the outside because redness indicates the level of inflammation that the disease has reached. It is also important that liquids come out from the tonsils spontaneously or when it is squeezed.



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