Chronic Tonsillitis in Adults

Chronic tonsillitis is quite common in adolescents and adults. Patients may have chronic sore throat, growing tonsils, bad smell of breath, enlarged lymph nodes in the throat. These are symptoms of chronic inflammation of the tonsils that have become resistant to antibiotics or bacteria that have become resistant to the immune response. Investigations in this regard have shown that chronic tonsillitis is more common in people exposed to radiation.


Lymphatic tissue and tonsils in the pharynx are a very important defense task. Due to recurrent microbial attacks, the overgrowth of the tonsil tissue following inflammatory reactions in response to them creates an inflammation center in the body. The inflammation of the tonsils, especially in childhood, seems to be common, but it should be taken seriously in terms of the complications to be caused. Age is very important in this discomfort. Since the tonsil problem in the adulthood is more complicated, different solutions are needed. In childhood, it is simpler. Today, remove tonsils and adenoids are as trivial as measles in children. Removing tonsils prevents the occurrence of more serious consequences.


Factors that facilitate chronic tonsillitis:

  • Allergies

  • Smoking habit

  • Bad mouth odor

  • Repeated inflammation in the nose

  • Postnasal drip

Tonsil inflammation in adults, tonsils can be removed to prevent inflammation of the organs such as the heart and kidneys in the body. The tonsils that carry the defense role in the body and contain excessive lymphocyte may become unable to perform these tasks and may become filled with microbes.


Nesting microbes placed here are more likely if the body is weakened. It passes into the bloodstream, reaches the organs and causes diseases. Now the tonsils have become the focus of inflammations that cause diseases in organs that are remote from tonsils. The most important problem of chronic tonsillitis in adults is the presence of focused infection. If this is determined, surgical operation is important. In this case, removing of the two tonsils ensures that the problem is solved.



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