Current Approaches in Viral Pharyngitis Treatment

Viral Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is the maturation seen in the tonsil, epiglottis and back of the nasal passage we know it but what is viral pharyngitis? Actually viral pharyngitis is the same as the other types of pharyngitis but it is caused by viruses. This type of pharyngitis can be trigger by several things such as upper respiratory problems, who stay in dry and dusty places, who take insufficient vitamins, people who use tobacco product and alcohol, if you have any problem in your respiration and you breathe in through your mouth and lastly your lifestyle. These are some factors that can trigger it. The disease can spread very easily and quickly if you stay around the patient it will make the process more rapid and easy. This kind of pharyngitis is usually seen in soldiers and children.

Bağlantı Acute Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis can be seen in every age group and is a very common disease around the world. Usually it is underestimated but we should not consider it as a little problem. Every kind of disease should be taken into consideration as important. In acute pharyngitis, when you go to the hospital the first thing they do is to make a group A Streptococcus test and start the use of antibiotics. Acute pharyngitis may last for 2 weeks and not more than this if everything is done well.

Viral Pharyngitis Treatment

The first thing that the patient should do is to rest. If she/he uses alcohol and tobacco he/she should not use them until they get well. They should not stay in dusty and dirty places. They should not drink too hot and cold beverages. If they have allergies they should not trigger them. They should keep themselves away from eating spicy and salty foods and also if they have reflux they should not eat anything before lying down.


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