Diagnosis Of Reflux

The full name of the disease known as reflux is the Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The stomach is a chronic (chronic) disease in which the back of the stomach escapes into the food pipe (esophagus). The acid reflux that escapes into the food pipe leads to signs and symptoms. The most typical statements are; The feeling of burning in the head and the pain in the mouth. In fact, these indications can be seen from time to time in many people. In addition to reflux, they can also be caused by digestive system diseases. However, every day people who have complaints of this kind and think that their daily life is influenced by this reason should consult a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease. In the majority of patients diagnosed with reflux, some recommendations and medications may reduce complaints and complaints. 20-30% of patients require surgery.


What is reflux indication?

There are many symptoms of reflux disease. These: burning sensation on the cheek and bitterness towards the mouth, back to the mouth of the drinkers, tension and pain sensation in the neck, burning in the throat (dry), dry cough, stiff swallowing.


How to consider reflu diagnosis?

In order to diagnose the reflux, it is sufficient for the patient to express the typical complaints of the reflux and to observe the destruction due to the escape of acid from the mouth by the light hose (endoscopy) inserted from the mouth. It is not always necessary, however, to display the contents of the food pipe with the painted films (barium esophagus-stomach graphy) or to monitor the acid level in the food tube for a certain period of time (pH monitorisation). In addition, some patients may require examination of esophagus movements (manometry).


At the end of the diagnosis, there are two treatment methods. These methods are drug treatment and surgery. Drugs can be beneficial in two main types of activity. The first is to prevent acid contact by lining the inner face of the food pipe. The second is to reduce the damage of the stomach by reducing its acid release or by weakening (neutralizing) the acidity of the secreted acid. With medication it is not possible to remove the main structural disorder that causes acid escape, that is, reflux, in the food pipe. The benefit that can be expected from medicines is not the removal of the problem but the postponement of the problem. If the complaints are obvious and the structural disorder is obvious, if the patient does not want to be operated on, he must live with his lifelong complaints or use lifelong medication.




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