Differences Between Acute Pharyngitis and Chronical Pharayngitis

Pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat) is inflammation of the back wall of the nose and mouth cavity. Two types of pharyngitis, acute and chronic, are seen and the these two diaseas are different than each other. If the throat related symptoms are seen fast and powerful, the inflammation is acute pharyngitis. If the symptoms are weak but long lasting, the inflammation is chronical pharyngitis. The indication of acute pharyngitis is not only related to the throat.

Symptoms such as sore throat, burning in the throat, dryness are seen but symptoms such as lack of voice, fever, fatigue, runny nose are also very common. Usually a type of upper respiratory infection is seen in acute pharyngitis. Chronic pharyngitis does not have fever or malaise, but there becomes a strong feeling of swallowing, a constant cough, burning, and a feeling of pain in throat. Infection affects a role in the disease, but chronic inflammation plays a bigger role caused by factors such as air pollution. If acute pharyngitis is repeated frequently, chronic pharyngitis may develop.

Chronic Pharyngitis Treatment

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis is very difficult and long lasting. Hence, the reason of the disease should be known for an effective treatment. The disease can not usually be completely removed, but by supplying the good conditions and by use of supportive drugs, the symptoms can be minimalized. It should be known that use of pastilles is useless.

Acute Pharyngitis Treatment

Different methods can be applied to cure acute pharyngitis. Antibiotics are not necessary when the disease is thought to be caused by acute pharyngitis viruses. However, antibiotics shorten the healing period of the disease, since the frequent infections of viruses can also accelerate bacteria multiplication. In addition to antibiotics, pain reliever-antipyretics, antihistamines, nasal decongestants, cough cutters and mouthwashes can be used in patients with allergies. The herbal treatment is also suggested.

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