Difficulty in Swallowing Can Become A Disease Reporter

You may have complaints such as coughing, dryness in the throat, and difficulty in swallowing in your daily life. However, the long duration of such symptoms may indicate serious illnesses.

Consider These Symptoms

Hypersalivation, feeling of food or liquid sticking in the throat, feeling sore throat or chest discomfort (especially in reflux patients), feeling like a foreign body in the throat, weight loss and malnutrition due to serious swallowing problems, and changes in voice indicate symptoms of swallowing problems.


Reflux Is Also An İmportant Reason For Difficulty İn Swallowing

Swallowing difficulties may also have much simpler reasons. For example, habits of eating fast or elderly patients who have lost their teeth or have not been prepared for swallowing due to poor chewing of food due to poorly prepared dentures are also factor of difficulty in swallowing. Lower levels of reflux disease, such as contraction disorders, tightness, bulk or associated with food borne, are known to cause swallowing difficulty.


Some of these diseases, such as reflux disease, can also be diagnosed by ENT specialists (otorhinolaryngologist). However, conditions leading to reflux disease and other diseases are diagnosed and treated by Gastroenterology or General Surgery. Swallowing difficulty, which can be depended on different reasons, must be taken seriously. It is a clinical indication that further examination should not be avoided in case of disease progression.


Swallowing difficulty, such as colds and influenza in the beginning of the throat may be with dryness and burning; it can be accompanied by severe pain in the inflammation of the tonsils. It is more accurate to describe this as "painful swallowing". The difficulty in swallowing is not seen only in inflammatory conditions. Even the use of some medications can cause swallowing difficulty. Diagnosis can often be made with a routine endoscopic ENT examination that provides direct vision; However, other diagnostic methods may be required if necessary.



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