Difficulty in Swallowing Treatment

The treatment of difficulty in swallowing usually depends on the cause or type of the swallowing disorder.

Treatment for oropharyngeal dysphagia

For the oropharyngeal type difficulty in swallowing, the tests that can be applied are:

  • Exercises: Some exercises help to stimulate the muscles that are coordinating the swallowing process or the nerves that trigger the swallowing reflex.

  • Learning swallowing techniques: To help the ingestion of food, you can learn simple ways to eat and drink, such as the phase of chewing and swallowing in the mouth and body posture.


Treatment for esophageal dysphagia

Treatment approaches for esophageal dysphagia include:

  • Esophageal dilatation: To relieve a tense esophageal sphincter (achalasia) or esophageal stricture, your doctor may dilate (enlargement) using a special endoscope attached to the balloon.

  • Operation: Tumors in the alimentary canal may require surgery to clean up the esophageal tract in cases where achalasia or pharyngeal diverticula are present.

  • Medicines: Stomach acid is controlled by medicines recommended for difficulties in swallowing associated with reflux. Sometimes these drugs may need to be used for a long time.

If you have esophageal spasms, but the alimentary canal seems normal and there is no reflux, drug treatment will be helpful to relax the food intake and reduce discomfort.

Severe dysphagia

If you have difficulty in swallowing which is causes that eat and drink fluids intake are not enough, your doctor will have the following suggestions:

  • Diets containing special liquids: It is taken to remain healthy weight and to help to prevent dehydration.

  • Feed tube: In cases where the difficulty in swallowing is severe, the feed tube may be used to skip where food cannot pass.

Can You Prevent It?

Although difficulty in swallowing is unavoidable, swallowing difficulties, especially of neurological origin, can be prevented by slow eating and good chewing of food. Early diagnosis and treatment of gastric reflux can reduce the risk of swallowing difficulty associated with an esophageal stricture.



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