Difficulty Swallowing In Children

Dysphagia is usually seen in infants and children. The problem of swallowing a month’s baby has ever been seen. This disease may produce serious consequences when it is not noticed.



Common causes of difficulty swallowing in infants and children are as follows:

  1. Disorders of the nervous system such as ‘‘cerebral palsy’’ or ‘‘Meningitis’’

  2. Slit lip or slit palate problems


If your child shows a few of the following symptoms, you should show your child to a doctor.


  1. Lack of attention when eating

  2. Stretching of the child’s body at meal time

  3. Refusing to eat dishes with different tastes

  4. Long – lasting meals or breastfeeding ( 30 minutes and more)

  5. Breastfeeding problems

  6. Liquid or food from the mouth to arrive

  7. Coughing while eating

  8. Vomiting or spitting while eating

  9. Not eating or drinking anything while breathing

  10. Weight loos or difficult weight gain


A language and speech pathologist performs the necessary tests to assess the nutrition and swallowing of the child. Firstly, the child’s medical story, development and symptoms are examined. The strength of the muscles used in the swallowing process and mobility of the joints are observed in child’s eating and drinking posture and behavior.


It may be necessary to perform some specific tests to evaluate swallowing. If your child of infants gets this disease, your doctor will give the difficulty swallowing exercises.

How to Treat Difficulty in Swallowing?

The speech-language pathologist plans certain studies to be specific to the child and the situation. These include positions and exercises that must be done through parent. These exercises improve the muscle strength, sense and coordination used in the process of nutrition and swallowing. It also teaches special foods, tools and techniques in the direction to improve nutrition and swallowing.



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