Diseases caused by chronic pharyngitis

The chronic pharyngitis symptoms are ailment but take longer. Unlike acute pharyngitis, fever and malaise do not occur. However, as having foreign object in throat, frequent swallowing and hawk, difficulty in swallowing, burning and itch cough statements are experienced. It is a common practice for patients to hawk needs. But often this causes more irritation of the throat.

If chronic pharyngitis is not treated, progression may result in lower respiratory tract infections. It may also become complicated by a secondary bacterial infection, since it is an infection that weakens the immune system.

If bacterial pharyngitis is not treated, chronic pharyngitis causes kidney disorders, cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it should be applied to a health institution for pharyngitis treatment which cannot be done at home after 3-4 days.

On the contrary of acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis is caused by viral as well as dry air, dust-laden air, polluted air, nasal discharge, cigarette, alcohol, frequent use of hot or cold food and beverages, chronic periodontal disease, as well as syphilis, Tuberculosis, leprosy and some chronic rheumatic diseases may also cause chronic pharyngitis. Throat irritation can also occur in case of acid reflux disease, which is defined as gastric acid escaping to trachea and esophagus. Prolonged irritation is one of the causes of pharyngitis.

In the nasal obstruction cases, which seems to be a very simple reason, when the person starts to breathe and starts breathing from the mouth, throat instability and throat irritation can be seen. During the treatment, there are some considerations that one must pay attention to. You should rest away from alcohol and cigarettes, not in dusty and dirty environments, room should be ventilated. Allergy should be avoided from the causative factors and avoid very hot or too cold beverage-foods. Avoid the possibility of trying to clean your throat and drink plenty of water to prevent throat constriction.

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