Diseases Caused By Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis occurs due to inflammation of the swallow and inflammation of the larynx. According to the course of the disease, acute and chronic forms of pharyngitis are mentioned.

Reasons and Complications

The most common causes of acute pharyngitis are bacteria such as Streptococcus pyogenes, some viruses and various infectious diseases.

Chronic pharyngitis may also be due to many pain points. After inflammation of the tonsils, it can be caused by inflammation of the respiratory or nasal mucosa.

Chronic pharyngitis can also be seen with some diseases. These are lymphatics (impaired development due to overgrowth of the lymph glands in various parts of the body), diabetes, nephritis (kidney inflammation), arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and various vitamin deficiencies.

Pharyngitis is considered as an ordinary and clinically insignificant disease. The main causes of renal inflammation (nephritis) and acute rheumatoid arthritis prior to the use of antibiotics in treatment were pharyngitis caused before. Today, the possibility of developing such secondary diseases with antibiotic treatment is greatly reduced. Pharyngitis is often associated with ear infections (otitis), especially in children. This disease, which also causes very severe pain and sometimes vomiting, can result in deafness when chronic. Pharyngitis is also common to spread sinusitis, laryngitis and bronchus by spreading to the neighboring anatomical structure.


In pharyngitis treatment, nasal decongestant and germicidal (antiseptic) medicines, gaggers, fumes, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are used when necessary.

Simple chronic pharyngitis hospital treatment and chronic atrophic pharyngeal treatment are based on the removal of habits that can cause or exacerbate the disease, such as smoking and alcoholic beverages.

It is also advisable to rinse the gaggers and throat with salt water. Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis is also treated as above in practice. Menthol mouthwash is useful as a local treatment. Also, mist therapy can be applied.

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