Does the Sore Throat Trigger Cough

A sore throat can be caused by several disease. This problem is also known as pharyngitis in public language. Usually people do not take this disease as a serious one but actually we can say that it is a disease that should not be underestimated. Lots of things can trigger a sore throat. For example if you work in a dusty place this can harm your throat and cause to have a sore throat.


Another thing that can cause this problem is that if you have any kind of chronical disease such as allergies you may face up with a sore throat. If you know that you are allergic to certain things you should keep them away from you during your sore throat. If you face up with a sore throat very much and do not know whether you have allergy you have to visit a doctor to know whether you are allergic or not. Another thing that causes a sore throat can be reflux and sinusittis. Both of these disease causes nasal flow and post nasal drainage which irritate the throat. If you have any of these disease you should also visit your doctor. Probably he/she will start a treatment of antibiothics. 


Relation Between A Sore Throat And Cough

As it is known when you face up with a sore throat you also want to cough. It is like a reflex which your body give to the sore throat. We can say that the sore throat can triger cough but it does not happen always but very often. To prevent to cough you have to treat the sore throat. To do this you have to drink a plenty of beverage. You can drink water and herbal teas. Do not drink carbonated things.




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