Drinks Causing Irritation in The Throat

The feeling of pain in the throat is caused by the texture of the mucosa covering the inner surface. Factors that cause or cause irritation to our throat lead to mucous membrane swelling and a special condition called "inflammation". This causes a sore throat in proportion to the severity of the event. This pain may only be swallowing or talking, as well as continuity.


What Are The Drinks That Causes A Sore Throat?

Viruses, bacteria and other microbes, which are caused by old and new (kalicilasmis) infections,

Tobacco products,

Irritant gases, fumes,

Extreme heat and cold, hard, built or acidic food and beverage.

Foreign object damage (walnut shells, etc…),

In the habit of consuming water and liquid lack.

Sore throat and cigarette.


The effects of cigarette on human health do not end in order. The cigarette is attacked directly by every breathing and vertebrae with its harmful and irritating foreign substances in its contents. And also; It provides the ground for cancer, causes irritation on the surface of the throat and deterioration of the microscopic structures in the cleansing feature, drying the protective secretions reduces production in the long term, facilitates the infection, disrupts the vascular structure with hot effect, traumatizes the surface mucous membrane and loses its properties.


Finally, sore throat is most often confused with upper respiratory tract infections. If this is frequent, it may be a structural or functional disorder caused by this frequency. This is a situation that needs to be investigated. The duration of the pain may vary depending on the cause and severity. It also varies depending on the stage of your illness that causes sore throat. Sore throats over a few hours should be considered for this.



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