Dryness In Throat

The sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat can be caused by a disturbance from that area or some systemic disease. The cause of the dryness in the mouth may be nasal obstruction.


Because the person sleeps by opening his or her mouth, the salivary produced in the mouth becomes insufficient and leads to dryness in the throat. In this case, the person wakes up in the morning by feeling dryness in the throat. It also causes dryness in mouth and throat in some people who have metabolic diseases such as diabetes and kidney diseases. These types of patients consult for dryness in mouth and throat and the doctor examines the reason of it.


Salivary gland diseases, which lead to a decrease in the saliva in the mouth, may result in complaints of dryness in throat due to obstruction of the salivary gland duct. Dryness in throat can be seen as the most important symptom of some systemic diseases such as diabetes. Especially in summer, people who drink less water due to sweating and fluid loss (dehydration) have dryness in the throat and the mouth. Some drugs used, such as high blood pressure medications and diuretic drugs are among the causes of dryness in mouth and throat. In addition, many causes such as smoking, excessive alcohol usage, some infections, tonsil problems, laryngeal cancer, kidney problems, salivary gland cancer, high fever and feverish diseases can cause dryness in throat.


Dryness in throat can be relieved with some methods such as using air humidifier, herbal teas with honey lemon, breathing techniques, chewing gum, drinking enough water. However, it is important that patients with complaints of non-passing and long-standing dryness in throat should consult an ear, nose and throat specialist as soon as possible because sometimes dryness in the throat can occurs as well as a serious illness.



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