Epiglottis Inflammation

Laryngitis can cause a throat disorder that presents with common upper respiratory tract inflammation such as throat pain, cough, and runny nose. Laryngitis has two types; acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis. It is often seen in crowded places and people often have to use their voice. The risk of throat inflammation also increases in seasons when upper respiratory tract infections are most likely to occur.


Why We Have Laryngitis (Epiglottis Inflammation)?

It may be caused by laryngitis injections or also by non-infectious causes. Viruses are at the head of infectious causes. Generally, when the upper respiratory tract infections are in the larynx, the risks of laryngitis increase. Also the fungi and bacteria are infectious causes of laryngitis. The causes of laryngitis that is not caused from infections are reflux, voice misuse, and high speech and shouting. Some other factors are as follows:


Sprays that are used by people who have asthma, harmful habits, harmful substances used by people with asthma are irritated by the reason that they cause irritation of the vocal folds, which leads to the formation of inflammation in the throat. At the same time, because the intubation tube used during cough and anesthesia application is placed in the throat, inflammation in the throat may occur.


Symptoms of Epiglottis Inflammation

Laryngitis often has symptoms as coughing, loudness, non-permanent aphonia, pain in the throat, and nasal discharge. Apart from these symptoms, some symptoms can be seen. For example, symptoms in the upper respiratory tract; Body aches, feeling of fatigue, increasing fever, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck region. These symptoms may be more severe, especially in children, and these complaints may be accompanied by difficulty in breathing.



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