Epiglottitis Inflammation Treatment

Epiglottis is a life-threatening condition to the character with inflamed epiglottis structure. Epiglottis is made from cartilage and is located at the bottom of the tongue. This helps prevent the food from entering the trachea. Epiglottis tissue may swell and have blockage of your respiratory tract. This requires emergency medical attention. If you or your child is suspected epiglottitis, call a specialist or seek urgent medical attention.


Epiglottis is rare, but mostly affects children. Vaccines help protect your child from getting caught in the most responsible bacterial infection (haemophilus influenza type b).



A bacterial inflammation is the most frequent cause of the epiglottitis. The Bacteria can enter the body through inhalation and infects the epiglottis. The most frequent of the bacteria that cause this case is Haemophilus influenza type b which is also known as Hib. If someone who is already infected is coughing or sneezing, you can get Hib by breathing the spreading micros.


Other bacteria that may cause epiglottitis cover “Streptococcus A, B or C” and “Streptococcus pneumoniae”. The same bacteria also cause streptococcal throat infection. In addition, viruses like those causing chickenpox and zone can also cause epiglottitis.



If your doctor suspects epiglottitis, monitoring oxygen levels will be recommended. If your oxygen levels in blood are too low, oxygen can be given through a breathing tube or oxygen mask. And then;

  • Intravenous fluids for feeding and hydration until you can swallow again

  • Antibiotics to recover from a bacterial infection

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids to reduce throat swelling

  • Attaching a needle to the bronchial tube, known as tracheotomy, at the same time (in very serious cases), in order to achieve oxygen change and to prevent the failure of the solution is a small surgical procedure

In most cases, if you are seeking emergency medical intervention, you can expect a complete recovery.



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