Frequently Recurring Tonsil Inflammation

Chronic tonsillitis in adolescents and adults is quite common. Patients with chronic sore throat, growing tonsils, bad breath, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, can be monitored. Bacteria gained resistance to these antibiotics due to changing the immune response becomes chronic, or the symptoms of tonsillitis. Studies on this subject, seen more in people who were exposed to radiation of chronic tonsillitis has been identified.


Factors That Facilitate Chronic Tonsillitis

  • Allergies

  • The habit of smoking

  • Bad breath

  • Recurrent infection in the nose

  • Postnasal drip


Enlargement Of The Tonsils And Symptoms

In children, especially in the tonsils are more prone to the development of the lymphatic structure. The growth of the lymph tissue tonsils, which is available on Android and in some cases may be more. Lymph tissue growth in space showed that congestion causes. This effect facilitates infections such as the common cold, creates a suitable environment for the survival of microbes.

Tonsils the growth in congestion on the roads causes my upper left. Usually the field is completely obstructed nasal passages is connected to the pharynx. In this case, the patient start to breathe from the mouth constantly. The mouth remains open constantly. Because the eustachian tube is blocked, middle ear and through the nose of the inhaled air is not filtered because it occurs, complications can occur that can cause sore throat and bronchitis.

Growing tonsils, mouth, and pharynx makes swallowing difficult and narrows the passage of food. These effects to occur, growing the removal of lymph tissue is sufficient. Inflammation of the tonsils is often induced from germs occur. This rash illness, or after a cold, the flu can occur after an infection such as. In this case, constant colds, increase in body temperature, inflammation in the throat, decreased appetite, and chronic inflammation in the ears can occur.



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