Growth of Adenoid Treatment

Adenoid is placed on the back of the nasal cavity and helps to keep the body healthy by catching harmful bacteria and viruses and stimulating the immune system, just like the tonsils. Adenoid also includes antibodies that help the body in order to fight infections. 


What Are The Factors That Cause The Growth Of The Adenoid?

In some cases, adenoid may swell while your body fights microbe that tries to get into your body. This swelling usually heals by itself, but sometimes treatment may be needed by operating the adenoid. Growing of the adenoid is frequent case. In this case, the tonsils may also swell.


What Are The Symptoms Of Growing Adenoid?

The symptoms of adenoid growth are;

  • Because of nasal congestion difficulty in breathing from nose occurs.

  • Since it is difficult to breathe, snoring shows up during sleeping. For this reason, the person cannot qualified sleep and feels tired.

  • Sore throat and swallowing difficulty are seen in these people.

  • Gland can be seen on the neck.

  • Ear problems occur.

Adenoid Treatment

In the treatment of adenoid, firstly, medication is recommended. Before starting antibiotic treatment, the type of microbe that causes the disease must be identified.


If the inflammation is repeated frequently, the adenoid starts not to protective structure that was protective. In this case, they have to be removed by being operated.

Adenoid operation is an easy and painless operation. Under general anesthesia, the grown adenoids are removed. After surgery, the patient may be back to home within the same day. In rare cases it may be necessary to tampon behind the nose and the patient may be hospitalized overnight. In some patients, adenoid may grow again. In this case the operation can be repeated.

What Should Be Considered After Adenoid Surgery?

The day after the operation, everything except acidic and spicy foods can be eaten, provided it is not too hot.



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