Having a Sore Throat

Allergies cause burning sensation in throat and chest. The throat can be irritated by air pollution some foods and beverages; it causes itching, inflammation, headache, and nausea.

Dryness In The Throat

Dryness and irritation may cause burning sensation in the throat. There are mucus-secreting canals in the respiratory tract that help to keep the tissues moist and prevent irritation. In the absence of this nourishment, there is a feeling of burning and irritation in the throat.


Influenza And Cold

Infectious diseases such as colds and influenza can cause symptoms like pain and fever as well as burning sensation in the throat. The elderly and children are susceptible to this type of infection.

How Can Be Burning Sensation In The Throat Healed?

There can be many reasons for the burning sensation in the throat. The important thing is to make a correct diagnosis and to start appropriate treatment. Therefore, if this sensation and pain last for a long, you should consult your doctor.

Some home treatments that are good for burning sensation in the throat are as follows:



Honey is also used for burning sensation in the throat as it is in the treatment of many diseases. The antibacterial properties inherent in honey help to heal rapidly. You can drink a glass of hot water or herbal tea by adding 4-5 teaspoons.

Air Humidifier

The placement of an air humidifier or steam machine in the patient's room helps moisturize the throat to treat the illness. If there is no humidifier at home, hot water can be placed in a large bowl and placed in front of the radiator or heater.


Ginger Tea

Ginger tea relieves a sore throat. The procedure for preparing ginger tea is simple: after boiling the water and putting it into a crushed ginger, wait 4-5 minutes. Honey is also used in ginger tea.



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