Having The Sore Throat Problem During Summer

Sore Throat

The problem of having a sore throat can be caused by several things. The sore throat can be seen all the time. It is usually seen during winter but we can also say that it does not leave us during summer as well. The causes of having a sore throat in summer can be caused of several things such as waking around with wet hair, to pass from a hot place to a very cold place and the use of air conditioning or ventilator are the main reasons. All of these factors weaken our immune sysythem and causes viral sore throats. In our era the sore throat problem is a very common disease that nearly everyone suffer from it. 


What Can We Do At Home For Sore Throat

If you have already visited the doctor your doctor had probably give you some pills. Today we will tell you about some of the other ways that you can do to recover beside the use of medicines. The first thing to do is to drink a plenty of beverage specially water. You can drink herbal teas but avoid yourself from drinking black tea because it contains tannate which can irritate your throat. Second thing to do is to wash your mouth with salty water. These will help your mouth to get away from bacterias. Thirdly, hold on to your hat to consume soft foods.


The vitamin C can help you to fight against the viruses so when you face up with the sore throat problem try to consume as much as things that contains vitamin C in it. We know that saffron is very expensive in our country but if you are able to have some put one tea spoon of saffron and salt in a glass of water and drink it you will see that it works.




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