Herbal Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Upper respiratory tract infection is inflammation in the upper respiratory tracts, which is exposed to infection due to viruses, which we call infectious influenza. These inflammations cause soreness, fatigue and febrility. Upper respiratory tract infections are usually circumvented with painkillers. However, one of the treatment methods is to speed up the process and increase the body resistance by consumption of herbal teas, fruit and vegetables.


Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Herbal Treatment Recommendations

In the case of upper respiratory tract infections, you can get rid of your illness at home with your own treatment methods. First of all fluid intake needs to be increased. It is absolutely recommended that you use plenty of garlic in your meals, because it will cause antibiotic effect.


Consuming a glass of milk or hot water by adding honey will also increase your energy. In addition, Liquorice is also recommended for upper respiratory tract diseases such as colds and flu. Another way is to consume mint and lemon juice and help your refreshment. During the boiling phase of minted water, you will make your breathing easier as water vapor of the mint will heal your nasal congestion.

Vitamin C supplementation is also very important in terms of your health. You should consume plenty of oranges, mandarins and apples that you can find easily in winter months and you should not ignore the vitamin C supplementation especially in children.


Since dried herbs such as cinnamon, ginger, linden, sage and rosehip will heal your headache and sore throat, you need to consume it with honey. Because ginger is also good for coughing, it is one of the things you should not miss from your kitchen during the winter months. Natural foods and herbal treatment methods should be preferred to the chemicals that damage the body.



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