Hoarseness in Children

Hoarseness is one of the abnormal changes in the stomach and usually occurs with disorders that occur in the voice tapes. Acute phonation is caused by inflammation in the mouth and chronic phonophobia is caused by functional problems.


What Causes Children To Be Hoarsenness?

The bad use of voice in children is the most important cause of voice annoyance. A lot of children talk, often crying, can cause temporary loudness in children.

At the same time, larynx reflux can also cause voice annoyance in children. If your child is in need of cleaning and coughing your throat over normal, it should be possible that the child is refluxing the throat. Another cause is viral infections. The child who has a cold may lose his voice. The fact that your child has nodules, polyps, and cysts in the vocal cord can also cause a low voice to be heard.

Other causes of hoarnesses in children are; Laryngitis, lung diseases, allergies, mutational falsetto in the voice of boys in transition to adolescence, cigarette or chemical exposure, and psychological problems.


When Does A Child Become A Hoarnesses?

Hoarseness occurred, your child and contact the pediatrician thing you need to do first is make the diagnosis should not exceed a period that caused this situation. If hoarseness in children, allergies, flu, laryngitis is caused health problems such as hoarseness your child will be late with the treatment of these patients. Hoarseness, yelling, crying because of the vocal cords occur if several days will provide the rest of the sound back to normal. Rooms in the use of the steam engine in the child's respiratory system relaxes the muted sound will accelerate the healing process. 4-5 cups of water per day total içirerek your child larynx, the vocal tract can remain moist and voice can make a positive contribution to the treatment of hoarseness.




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