Home Care after Tonsillectomy

The patient should rest at home within the first 48 hours after surgery. The activity can then be gradually increased as the patient's strength is enough. Approximately 7-10 days is sufficient for when the patient can go to school or work. During this time, the patient starts to eat normal food. Excessive physical activity should be avoided within a period of 14 days following surgery.


Food (Diet):

Adequate hydration within the first 3 days is the most important part of the patient's diet. It is much easier to get soft foods or liquids at frequent intervals. Warm or cold water, milk, fruit juices, jelly and ice cream (with no particles) should be eaten. As the patient works up an appetite, the more solid food should be gradually eaten. The most common cause of fever in the first days is inadequate hydration, infection is very rare.


Patients with fever between 37.2 and 38.3 are more common. It may increase in case of dehydration due to inadequate hydration. If the fever does not respond to the antipyretic, or if the fever is higher than 38.6, the attending physician should be notified.



The patient is generally exhausted and weak, especially when the nights are longer and there is no comfortable sleep. These symptoms gradually recover within 3-14 days. Depending on inadequate food, there may be constipation.


Bad breath is quite common. This can be reduced by mouthwash with warm salty water. During this time, the patient may have a slight bloody spit. This normally happens between the 5th and 14th postoperative days. In such a case, resting should be calm, ice water should be gargled in the mouth and ice bag should be put around the neck. If bleeding is persistent and there are about a handful of bright red blood, you should tell your doctor.



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