How Does Sore Throat Heal?

You may treat your sore throat depending on what has caused it. If it is a result of viral infection, then the disease heals within a week. In such cases it is recommended to take foods that will keep the body strong.


If it is a result of bacterias on the other hand, then an antibiotic recommended by your doctor can be used.


This antibiotic may be as simple as penicillin, which may be taken orally as well as by injection. Whatever medication you use, be sure to use it for as long as your doctor has indicated. You can try the following tips as well:


  • Resting: Resting is important to heal a sore throat. Have sufficient sleep.

  • Liquid Consumption. Drinking an abundant amount of water is important to keep the throat wet and to prevent loss of the body liquids.

  • Soothing Drinks: Drinking soothing drinks such as hot tea, hot water and honey mix, how water, honey and natural lemon juice mix, etc. will help ease your throat ache. Honey will soften your throat and lemon will help reduce the phlegm.

  • Gargling with saltwater: Gargling with saltwater will help kill the bacteria and lessen the throat ache.

  • Humidification. Increasing the humidity of the air that is breathed using humidifiers as well as having a vapor bath will help the throat that is negatively affected by dry air.

  • Treating high fevers. Using medicine with active ingredients such as ibuprofen” or “asetaminofen” will treat the high fever and lessen the throat ache.

  • Suck on a cough drop or a hard candy. Sucking on such a thing, by itself will increase the production of saliva, which will wash out the throat and provide purification. With the soothing effect of the cough drops, pastils, lozenges and such, you can have a good night sleep.



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