How To Diagnose In Throat Cancer?

Throat, upper, middle and lower parts divided into three main sections, open and close as we breathe, talk and swallow the orgirmen. Sound tracks are located in the middle of the throat. The lower part provides the connection with the pale tubing. Throat cancer is common among cancer types, especially among smokers, although it is not among the top 10 in terms of incidence.


What are Symptoms of Throat Cancer?

Throat cancer usually occurs in regions close to the vocal tract. For this reason, the first indication of cancer is related to the change of voice. For example, your voice may be normal. Other statements outside the voice of the throat cancer include; ıngestion difficulty and swallowing pain, swelling in the throat area, stubborn cough, sore throat, breath smell, ear pain, shortness of breath, breathing with breathing, unidentified weight loss, fatigue and excessive fatigue. You should see a doctor for a short period of 2-3 weeks and for a voice phobia that you can not pinpoint exactly. If the cancer is not in a region close to the vocal tract, the first symptom may be a sore throat and swelling in the larynx.


How To Diagnose In Throat Cancer?

Doctor, will first receive detailed information from you about the symptoms and review your medical history. Then, by hand examination, it is checked whether there is any swelling in the laryngeal region. The expert can use a thin, flexible tube called the "nasendoscope" to see the larynx. This tube is lowered to the throat. Thanks to the tube with light and camera at the end, the area of ​​the larynx can be examined in more detail.


Entrance of the tube may cause some discomfort, but it takes only a few minutes. If a drug spray is used in the larynx area before the injection, you should not eat anything until you feel numbness. Another method used for visual examination of the throat is laryngoscopy. Laryngoscopy is the examination of the throat with the camera inserted into the mouth. There are two types of laryngoscopy. The first one is the mirrored indirect laryngoscopy which can be performed in the doctor's office and the second is the direct laryngoscopy with the camera attached to the end of a flexible tube. It By means of the methods, the doctor can examine the area where the voice telemarketer is located in detail.



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